Ahn Asar

Genasi Artificer


Ahn is well-presented and professional in demeanour, and is a courier by trade. He has been working in an official capacity for a number of years, and has enjoyed a position of modest privilege in that role, and it shows – he readily assumes that he has the authority needed to do whatever he feels is necessary to achieve his goals.

Ahn has always been good at looking out for number one, and has enjoyed the protections of larger organisations in completing his goals. He is not cowardly, but he does go to great measures to avoid conflict, and will always be on the lookout for an escape route. However, his recent change of circumstances will dictate that he will need to learn to work as part of a team; this may not be an easy process.

Ahn is fiendishly skilled at the sport of `Stars’, in which one throws sharp metal stars at a serious of stationary targets to earn points; some would say that he has turned a simple hobby into an obsession at this point, turning his arcane training towards improving his game. The set of five stars that he uses have served him well for over a decade, and almost seem to hit the mark of their own will, such is his skill.

By habit, Ahn always attempts to be well-groomed, particularly when doing so would let him stand out. He has spent hundreds of gold on ritual components to maintain his appearance in the past.


When the dragonborn of Tymanther first arrived in Faerun, they were an alien people without a place in the greater world. The Asars were residing in the waters off the shore of the new land when the world changed, and were among the first natives of Faerun to have made contact with these Dragonborn. Over time, some of the Dragon integrated with the coastal communities of Tymanther watersoul genasi and the Asars found a place as fishermen and traders. It is into this brief tradition than Ahn Asar was born.

Within the last decade, trade relations between Tymanther and High Imaskar began to develop, and the Asars were an important part of that progression, willing to represent the alien dragonborn with the equally foreign Imaskar from the position of being a native race.

Having shown an amount of talent for the Arcane, Ahn Asar received basic training in the arts while working as a messenger for the Body of Artificers, Planners and Apprehenders. As his skill increased, he came to be given greater responsibilities, eventually become a bonded courier; officially authorised by the Body to deliver goods and messages to and from High Imaskar.

Ahn had proven to be a particularly elusive messenger, his wary demeanour, athleticism and genasi talents having ensured that he always completed his delivery. That is, until his most recent task.

A sealed scroll, its contents unknown, was to be delivered to a dragonborn by the name of Agrathan in Djerad Thymar; an alchemist of seemingly little consequence by reputation. Upon Ahn’s arrival at his residence, he arrived at what turned out to have been the scene of a bloody murder with ill-fated timing; the guard arrived shortly after Ahn, and he made a natural suspect. Not wishing to take any chances, Ahn made a rapid escape from the scene through a window, lost his pursuers after diving into a canal, and stowed away on a boat returning to Skyclave.

Upon his return to Skyclave, Ahn heard through gossip on the street that the official that had given Ahn his message (Rythan Yunis) had suffered a fatal accident just the night before; the sort of `fatal accident’ that occurs within The Body when an official has made too many mistakes.

With no-one to report to, and with dubious circumstances surrounding him in both lands with which he is familiar, Ahn has sought refuge in an out-of-the-way part of the Realms until matters have quietened down – the Rhedden peninsula.

In the last few weeks Ahn has developed a way of rendering valuables into Asarium, for use in ritual magic.

Ahn Asar

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