Cilma Loreweaver

Wintermere's resident priest.


This elven priestess of Chauntea is one of the few non-humans in Wintermere.

This black haired, copper skinned pure-blood wood elf originally hails from the Chondalwood. A dozen years ago she heard the call of her goddess, was sworn into her service and travelled east. Her journey lasted almost two years before she found Wintermere and knew immediately that this was where Chauntea wanted her.

Cilma puts her life into her work and places the principles of her goddess before everything else.

She serves the community as the attendant of the town’s small Temple and Preist’s Quarters. Cilma presides over the town’s annual religious events, most importantly the harvest festival. Cilma is also the area’s only source of higher level divine rituals.

Cilma Loreweaver

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