Ecazar, Lord of the Wild Hunt

Syska's forgotten foe


Ecazar is a fey creature, as fickle and wonderful as one could possibly imagine. Covered in tattoos, with the head of a stag, Ecazar is the Lord of the Wild Hunt; the leader of a pack of satyrs, nymphs and other fey creatures that run between the worlds, raiding mortal settlements for captives to play with.

Ecazar is both cruel and wise, more capable of reason than the majority of his lust-ridden cohorts. When he makes a pact, he will hold to it, but will act with great and vicious glee once freed from such an arrangement.



As the result of a fey pact made with Syska Smith nine years ago, the town of Wintermere and its people were to be protected from fey domination.

This pact was recently broken by a third party, when Syska felt fey magic coursing through her veins in the form of a dryad’s charm, awakening within her the druidry that she had suppressed to protect her home.

Ecazar and Syska both felt the pact break, and seem destined to meet again at Wintermere very soon.

Ecazar, Lord of the Wild Hunt

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