Morann Onyxarm

Headman of Wintermere


A former barbarian and successful adventurer, Morann is a bear of a man who’s full head of red hair is just starting to fleck with grey, as is his beard.

Honest, mirthful and loving with those he is close to he rarely lets his gretaxe far from his side, and still cannot get used to wearing cloth.

On his travels he met Alia and was smitten, refusing to leave Wintermere and successfully defending it from a number of raids. His demeanour and honest dealing saw his popularity rise quickly with the townsfolk and after an unprecedentedly short period of time (8 years) he was unanimously voted in as headman of Wintermere.

Morann was recently blinded and taken captive when the undead army attacked Wintermere.

Morann Onyxarm

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