Dwarf Paladin


Former member of Wintermere Arms & Magic.

Ancient etched features, long grey hair and beard only hint at his true age.
With his age comes the accumulation of wisdom, but also the accumulation of many drinking binges that have added to his girth.
He could probably last quite some time on that stored bulk.


Mordin was raised by the Ironhelm clan in the Giantspire mountains. His parents were travelling through the Giantspire Mountains (The Giantspire Gap, on the North Road, is infamous for ambushes), carrying Mordin as an infant. They were attacked by giants and goblins, and both parents mortally wounded. King Thordar Ironhelm and his kinsmen happened to be in the area, and fought off the giants. They ran to your parents side, who, in the dying moments, passed the babe to the king. Thordan asked them what their names were, and with your mother’s dying breath, she said, “my son’s name is Mordin Shadow….. ahhhhhh…….” and died. No-one knew any dwarves by that clan-name in the area.

When Mordin became old enough, he showed great aptitude with a hammer and shield, and the priests and paladins of the Ironhelm clan recognized him as having a touch of the divine, and he was trained as a paladin and as protector and bodyguard to King Thordar Ironhelm.

When King Thorador Ironhelm passed away and he felt his duty had been fulfilled, he decided it was time to find the dwarf clans, he had always felt this was his destiny. He vowed to reunite the lost dwarf clans and rid the world of evil and set out on his great adventure. Finding few Dwarves and fewer clues he wandered and Adventured across many distant lands.

Countless years passed and he found himself employment as bodyguard to Lord Gravaar the Cleric of the grand temple at Tarsalee. Fighting many righteous battles forged a strong friendship that lasted for many years. He believed the birth of Lord Gravaar’s daughter Sunsetmoon to be a great sign. This being foretold in ancient tales that herald the reuniting of the lost dwarf clans. (Could this be a way to find his kinfolk also?).

On her father’s deathbed , Lord Graaver the cleric, pledged Mordin Shadow his only daughter to accompany him on his quest. Lord Gravaar always believed his daughter had a great divine purpose and that Mordin Shadow was somehow linked to this, even sent by the gods themselves. Mordin and Sunsetmoon vowed to protect each other and Mordin to share his wisdom and teach her all that he has learnt in his long life. This friend ship is strong and respectful and has grow over the few years they have spent adventuring together.

He always wondered who his parents had been but never thought much about actually searching for his own family as he had a higher purpose set him by the gods. This was until recently when he and Susnetmoon arrived in the Imaskur Region. He still carries the only clue left by his parents, a gold coin with the stamp of Skyclave, in the High Imaskur region. For the first time in century’s he wonders if this clue could help him find his own family, and could it help him find the lost dwarf clans and is this coin more than a keep sake but the key to unlocking the path to his destiny.


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