Runkus Halfblood

Male Half-orc Ranger, Skyclave courier


Runkus is a long term courier of the Body of Artificers, Planners and Apprehenders that was a good friend of Ahn’s during his period of service at the same body. Runkus has a special talent of not dying when archers shoot at him, making sure to always wear excessive amounts of armor when on the job.

While he and Ahn had a mutual respect for each other, and were great drinking buddies during their leave in Skyclave, they rarely crossed paths with their actual work, given that Ahn was given water routes and Runkus invariably traveled through harsh hills and mountains.

Runkus has always been a bit jealous at Ahn’s unusual powers, and his ability to understand some of the tricks their masters used.


Runkus Halfblood

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