Welurd Smith

Wintermere smith and prominent citizen. Deceased.


Welurd was a middle-aged man with one eye, a whispy grey beard and a bald head.

He was a cheerful fellow who whistled quietly to himself when he thought he was alone. Welurd could do incredible things with metal and was well known all over the peninsula for his silversmithing and goldsmithing work. He was also an accomplished armourer and could produce or repair normal quality mumdane weapons and armour fairly quickly, if motivated to do so.

Smith was a selfless man and committed to Wintermere and it’s associated community, so bribery or other propositions based on personal gain were unlikely to provide that motivation. Work he found challenging or that would help the community were things far more motivating to him.

Welurd was killed when an Undead army attacked Wintermere Mirtul 14th, 1479DR. His corpse was reanimated by the army and used as a guard and soldier. His Zombie was later slain by Wintermere Arms & Magic .

Welurd’s is survived by his spouse Misty, the town’s resident arcanist and teacher, and daughter Syska, an adventurer, and a talented smith in her own right.

Welurd Smith

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