Forgotten Realms Gods…

The Rhedden Peninsula setting enjoys the wealth of Toril’s pantheon. Below you will find details on divine entities

Berronar Truesilver (Goddess)

Chauntea (Greater Goddess)

Corellon (Greater God)

Mielikki (Goddess)

Moradin (Greater God)

DM Note: Each player filling a page for an undetailed Deity will receive a 25xp bonus.

…4e Cosmology

The Forgotten Realms’ pantehon may be rich, but much of it’s remaining cosmology seems thin and undeveloped. As such the remaineder of the cmapaign’s cosmology is based on the standard 4e comsmology. references such as Demonomicon, Manual of the Planes, The Plane Above and The Plane Below are applicable, for the most part.


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