DMs Log, Mirtul 5th through 8th, 1479DR

Mirtul 5, 1479DR

Five strangers take shelter in the small town of Wintermere this day. Each has their own reasons for being here and few of them know any other.

In the early hours of the evening a great black Bugbear called Roaka, an aging Dwarf named Mordin, a regal Eladrin named Caelynna, a water Genasi called Ahn and a Human cleric known as Sunsetmoon make one another’s acquaintance at the local inn. After some time they turn in for the night.

During the night the town is attacked by goblins. These goblins display unusual boldness and aggressiveness, also demonstrating the use of magical powers not usual for goblins. The creatures manage to blow a large gap into the town’s stout palisade and gain entry. Immediately on the tail of this the town’s gates are compromised and goblins pour in… Along with Gnolls!

In all the town’s defences are breached in several places and a number of buildings attacked and ransacked. During these attacks the five strangers are sometimes hard pressed but work together to stay alive and manage to repel the worst of the attacks almost single-handedly. The reality is the actions of these individuals, working together, almost certainly saves the small town from a far worse fate.

With the town secured the group examines the evidence at hand and realizes that these goblins have abandoned their traditional tribal ways in order to follow the demon lord Yeenough. Thus explaining their association with Gnolls.

Mirtul 6, 1479DR

After the heroes rest up the town persuades them to follow the trail of the departing attackers – to learn more of their activities and neutralise any danger to Wintermere they might still present.

The group accepts this task and follows the trail of the retreating monsters.

Mirtul 7, 1479DR

The party locates the creatures’ encampment, take out the guardposts and eliminate the Gnoll leader – a great beast of a Gnoll wielding demonic powers.

Amongst the monsters’ possessions the group finds a large black cube made of some unknown material. It is engraved with symbols upon each face. The Bugbear licks the cube and it tastes faintly salty. Those in the group who wield magic cannot detect any magic in or on the cube. Rather the cube demonstrates a total absence of magic – not even the normal incredibly faint background magic present throughout the realms.

Through the night each member of the team has dark dreams of ultimate power, and cruelty. Each dreams of their deepest, darkest desires fulfilled and that they themselves gain power on a par with the Gods themselves. All they need do is take the cube for themselves!

Mirtul 8, 1479DR

The party returns to Wintermere the following day and is hailed as heroes. But the town Elders are greatly concerned about the cube and what it might mean to the town.

DMs Log, Mirtul 5th through 8th, 1479DR

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