Field Report, 1479/Mirtul/5

Have arrived at W., should be safe for now. I have managed to take time while in transit to continue to test imbuing techniques, to which the subject materials continue to be responsive. Susurrations

While most theory within this field is relatively untested (except by greats such as B. Heckstrom, Dunnebrae, Irecktis and Enthingam), I know that I have the raw talent and determination to prove those at The Body who would doubt me, to be unworthy and unadventurous scholars, unwilling to back genius with will and deed. As the great Elminster said, “Go forth and take up arms against the perils that beset us!”

But for now, my ambitions are more humble, and curtailed somewhat by those circumstances currently hindering me in Tymanther and High Imaskar. I shall continue my studies until I can be confident of my future survival before I dare to face The Body’s disinterested & bloody-minded search for the simplest answer.

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Field Report, 1479/Mirtul/5

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