Field Report, 1479/Mirtul/6

This report will be brief, but I must make note as stressful events have born fruit, as I had anticipated would be the case.

I was awakened by a strange susurration in the night, and as I sat up, I swear I could see a glow fading from the subject of my imbuements. This was shortly followed by a loud bellowing from the town square, that somehow helped to refine my suspicions of events. The township appeared to be subject to an attack from one of the goblinoid races; a fact that I found somewhat less than surprising given the apparent welcome that villagers gave to the bugbear now hollering loudly in their midst.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that another traveller in the village is trained in the ways of the arcane, and with the assistance of the aforementioned bugbear, and a pair of travelling warpriests, we have this night dispatched a significant number of these goblinoid attackers; and as luck would have it, these goblinoids seem to have some interesting details of their own that invite further study.

Upon closer inspection, it appears possible that these goblinoids have been imbued with powers in a similar manner to the imbuement of weaponry and idols that is classically taught; a fascinating idea, and one that I would certainly be interested to ascertain the nature of. Perhaps items are imbued and them embedded? I am uncertain.

But to practical affairs. The imbued subjects have dispatched in the region of 12 goblinoid subject up to this point. My techniques are refined, but I feel that there is something still missing that is needed to take this imbuement to the next level. This may require further study once the fighting has stopped, and for when I have time to cease manipulating arcane fields for mere parlour tricks such as temporary rejuvenations.

Field Report, 1479/Mirtul/6

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