Rhedden Location
To the north of High Imaskar, south of the Ganathwood and on the eastern edge of the Sea of Fallen Stars, lies the Rhedden Peninsula. The peninsula is a point of land approximately 120 miles long and 60 miles wide at it’s widepoint.

Often referred to simply as Rhedden the peninsula forms the southern boundary of the Ganath Gulf. Lake Draco in eastern Murghom drains into the Ganath Gulf via the Rauthenflow river.

Rhedden Peninsula Map
A small town called Wintermere lies on the banks of a minor river that flows into the Ganath Gulf, less than a mile upriver and less than a day’s good boat-journey from the mouth of the Rauthenflow. The town subsists on fishing and agriculture, but is fortunate enough to be a minor trade stop-over for trade by road or boat.


The region is vibrant with possibilities and represents a strip of land essentially unmapped in official materials.

Murghom to the east is a kingdom ruled by Dragon Princes. The undead nation of Thay is not far to the northeast. High Imaskar to the south is alive with possibilities, including the Underdark. To the south-by-southeast the desert of Raurin and the Plains of Purple Dust represent an entirely different landscape. Not far away are two major wild areas, the Beastlands to the south-by-southeast and the Hordelands to the east-by-northeast.

And that is without mentioning the possibilities areas available via (and under) the Sea of Fallen Stars.


Wintermere is the starting town for the campaign. The Player Characters may or may not be there for long, that remains to be seen.


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