Kat's Journal, Mirtul 18 (1479 DR)

Mirtul, Day 18 (1479 DR)

Dear Journal,

After freeing the villagers, we scavenged the caves some more, looking for the little boy that they had lost (I didn’t really catch his name) and instead we found some Orc. Roaka insisted on speaking goblin to them, and I told him they will just attack us. “Speak Common” I told him, but he just went on ahead. And the obvious thing happened, they attacked, just like I predicted. “Kill the Dead Lovers!” they shouted, and the stupid bugbear said “We aren’t the Dead Lovers! You are!” which only aggravated them more. We fought them and killed most of them, and when there was only two more left, five more came in. I immediately blinded most of them with my daggers. That was just before a small boy came rushing in front of them shouting “Stop! They’re my friends!”
“Get out the way, kid!” I shouted at him, and then realized he was bigger than me, so I probably looked like a five year old to him.

After a bit of talking (I wasn’t really paying attention, I was trying to figure out how old this kid was, and was really annoyed that he was taller than me) we found out that the caves actually belonged to the Orcs, and that they were invaded by the Undead and another Orc Clan. We also realized that the boy was the kid we were looking for.

We took the villagers back to Wintermere, and on the way ran into 9 Griffins, one which attacked and killed one of the villagers. We fought them and killed most of them, just before the rest flew away towards the cliffs they came from. Caelynna and I wanted to follow them and try to get an egg ( Me, because the eggs are really valuable, and Cae because she wanted to raise one) but realized they probably just came here to hunt when Cae flew us up there and we found nothing.

In the end we got the villagers back to Wintermere, and we stayed there the night. But when I snuck out to get a rabbit to eat and came back with a red glow in my eyes, Sunsetmoon realized I was a Dhampir. So she and Mordin said I am not allowed to eat anything that is mildly intellegent or not Evil, (not including rabbits and other animals) which was very unfortunate for me when we encountered a small Faerie Dragon with a broken wing sobbing “Those horrible birds broke my wing!”

That was when a whole bunch of Kenku and a Demon attacked us. I threw a dagger at the Demon and fought the Kenku for the rest of the time. When there was just three Kenku left, Roaka asked them “Who do you work for and why did you attack us? If you don’t answer me, I will twist your head off!” The birds started to make a caw-like laugh. And to prove it, he picked up a Kenku and twisted it’s neck, then dropped it to the ground. They stopped laughing.

“We were paid from our Master to retrieve a certain object from you! We don’t know why!” There was a lot of talking after that, which I mostly ignored as I picked some feathers up off the ground and stuck some in my hair, trying to figure out what object they were on about. When I was done I stood up and heard Roaka say “Tell your Master that your not being paid nearly enough!” and the last Kenku standing, (the other was on the floor with it’s neck twisted) said something and flew off!

I turned towards Ahn. “What object?” He just turned towards Cae, because she started fussing over the Dragon. I heard it’s name was Mixie, but that was about it. Cae put it in her hood and started nursing it. That was when I got a whiff of it. Ab-so-lute-ly delectable! I was going to have to keep my distance if I didn’t want it to get killed! I whispered to Roaka “I don’t think this is a very good idea…”

Kat's Journal, Mirtul 18 (1479 DR)

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