Kat's Journal, Mirtul 19 (1479 DR)

Mirtul, Day 19 (1479 DR)

Dear Journal,

I joined “Wintermere Arms and Magic” today. They are a very strange combination, I must admit. There is a Dwarf, an Eladrin, a Human, a Bugbear (who is very scary and mouthwatering at the same time) and a very strange looking creature who I found out a little later was some sort of Water Elemental. I fought lots of Undead with them and we also encountered a Vampire.

I was also very aware that the Bugbear, named Roaka, had a teddy bear attached to him, and flowers braided into it’s hair. He also didn’t seem very aggressive, which I found very strange, because all the Bugbears I’ve encountered with the Goblins were all very wild and aggressive. I was also aware that his teeth were the size of my hand.

Sunsetmoon, the human, seemed nice enough, and I took an immediate liking to the Eladrin, Caelynna, (which everyone calls Cae) because she was very nice and she is also quite young, so I guess she would know how it feels to be surrounded by old people, as in over 300 years old.

Which brings us around to the Dwarf, Mordin. Now Mordin is only a little bit taller than me (which I think means I’m getting taller) and if I must be honest, scares me to death! He is extremely tough from my perspective and wears extremely heavy armour, and carries a big HAMMER! So quite frankly I’m scared he might get angry and through his hammer at me, so I’m gonna do everything he wants me to do, and I mean everything. He’s also over 300 years old.

And last but not least, the Water Freak, also known as Ahn. He turned into water! Who turns into water? Obviously Elemental Water thingies. Well at least I won’t want to eat him, like every time I do when I look at pretty much everyone else, because he’s made from water. He’s nice though, so I guess I should give him some credit. Should.

But I guess it all adds up to shelter (and food, which I will probably sneak out for after writing this) and I guess they just hire a cabin, so I think I’m gonna stick with them until I find Erich.

Speaking of which, there was no sign of Erich, which I’m not taking as a good sign. I hope I find him soon.

Kat's Journal, Mirtul 19 (1479 DR)

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