Mordin Shadow Mirtul, Day 19 (1479 DR)

Mordin Shadow Mirtul, Day 19 (1479 DR)

This past week or so has been hectic. After discovering Wintermere had been raided and its inhabitants kidnapped we have been constantly on the move. I have had little time to or energy left to keep a record of daily events.

We have a new member in our group, Kat, a young rouge half ling with something very dark about her. Later learning she is a Dampire I ask her to refrain from feeding from sentient forms of life and so far I believe she is willing to comply though trusting her will take time.

We successfully rescued the survivors from some caves where a portal was used to transport them away, but to where?

While escorting our Wintermere friends home we were ambushed while at a bridge. Griffins attacked us and killed a villager before we were able to fend them off. Some group members considered looking for Griffin eggs but the need to get these people to safety was my foremost concern.

My Hammer has been calling to me, “mmm Orc Blood”. Is this simply a call to battle or something deeper? It has been silent for so very long, why now?

After a nights rest and resupply we headed of to find the Orcs that Ahn Asar had seen in his vision and that my Hammer has been calling for.

On our way to the Orc’s camp we are confronted by a group of Kenku. They are lead however by an Evistro Demon. This is bugging me, so many Demons lately, this cant be good at all. There must be a higher Entity controlling these Demons and it is becoming more likely that this stretches to other planes of existence beyond our own.

Mordin Shadow Mirtul, Day 19 (1479 DR)

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