Rewards System

While characters earn experience points and treasure through the usual mechanisms in the game, the DM feels that other in-game rewards are appropriate for the actions of the players.

These in game rewards consist or action points, bonus items, bonus XP, combat token, ehaling surges and more…

Bonus Action Points and Healing Surges

As the DM sees fit he will allocate additional Action Points or Healing Surges to characters, based on the actions of the character, as “driven” by the player. These are typically awarded for exceptional roleplay during combat, or other risky situations.

Bonus Items

Where the DM feels significant effort has been invested by the player in character developing or backstory the DM may award bonus items, at his sole discretion.

Combat Tokens (Chips)

Rather than introduce penalties for tardiness in combat the DM has elected to award combat tokens to players who complete their turn within sixty seconds.

Token values:

  • Green +1
  • Red +2
  • Black +3 or upgrade a hit to a critical hit

These tokens may be spent to add the appropriate bonus to any dice roll the player desires or, in the case of a black chip, upgrade a hit to a critical hit. These tokens to not stack, but may be traded up in value at an exchange rate of 3 to one. Thus three green tokens may be exchanged for a single red token. And three red tokens may be exchanged for a black one.

Tokens expire when your character levels up.

Rewards System

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