Roaka's Log, Mirtul the 11th

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Mirtul, Day 11 (1479 DR)

What a day. In the morning I spent my time trying to clear the name of the party from the murder of Shaeor. Between avoiding guards and trying to interrogate suspicious looking people, I had a hard time. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the most intelligent on the party, and I think one of the others would have been better at this detective work.

To make a long story short, however, I discovered that Shaeor had his head caved in with a rock, left outside the kitchen door to the inn. It turns out that Sattai the cook decided that he didn’t like Shaeor’s advances on the barmaid, who he also fancied. Humans are almost as bad as bugbears sometimes! I should also note that Barien, one of the other guests, went missing in the night… however, we decided not to pursue him since we have out own fairly important job to finish, and we don’t have the time for this distraction in the first place.

Once I managed to clear out names, we got out of town, and found a decent campsite a few miles west of Beechhaven. I went hunting at dusk and managed to kill a deer, and with some ale from Beechhaven, we ate well and had an uneventful night, for a change. I continued to sew feathers onto my cloak. It’s starting to look pretty good!

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Roaka's Log, Mirtul the 11th

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