Roaka's Log, Mirtul the 13th

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Mirtul, Day 13 (1479 DR)

After a morning of travel we found the side-road leading to Ramsay’s tower. We followed this trail for a while, and eventually came upon his residence, and met him. Indeed, he seemed somewhat mad! However, on showing him the cube and telling him our problem, he said that he could help us if we could help him.

Some local Kobolds in the hills a little ways away had stolen a bag of “magic powder” (Ahn says this is probably residium, something he also uses for ritual magic). I scouted around till I found their trail, and we assaulted their lair. There were several entrances, but I found the back-door and that simplified things greatly, allowing us to route the monsters and take out their archers before they could hurt us. We found their treasure, which looked to be things stolen from caravans and from Ramsay. I wonder about the Kobolds, and what sort of a life they could lead if they took up a life that didn’t include highway robbery. They are not the brightest of creatures, and are known to make deals with more powerful beings, like dragons, in order to further themselves. What if they worked with a good dragon to better an area, instead of an evil one? Anyway, it’s a thought for another time.

We returned the residium to Ramsay, and he conducted a ritual for us that lasted several hours. What we discovered was disturbing: the cube is actually a key to an ancient prison for a powerful being! However, to use the key one must also have a particular amulet. The ritual revealed that the amulet in question is located in Wintermere. This explains why the town was being attacked. We must get back to the town as soon as possible!

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Roaka's Log, Mirtul the 13th

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