Roaka's Log, Mirtul the 16th

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Mirtul, Day 16 (1479 DR)

Wintermere has been burned to the ground and the people taken! My heart mourns the dead, but after searching around for tracks, it is clear that there are still living prisoners, and I cannot rest till they are free. Our quarry are undead.

I admit that my scouting skills are hampered by my anxiety over the fate of the village, and the party was ambushed by a predatory assassin vine along our trail. They are rare predators, and are valuable to the forest, but we had no choice but to destroy this one before it ate us. I do not know how to convince plants that I don’t mean them harm… they cannot be reasoned with like wild animals.

Once we reached the foothills, going became difficult, and we had to proceed on foot and lead our horses. Not a few hours into the harder terrain we were ambushed again, this time by Ankhegs. Giant insect-like creatures, Ankhegs are natural ambushers, and I should have been on my guard for them. We killed them and I took some of their legs for eating later.

We continued to follow our quarry through the southern forests and foothills, moving roughly south-east. We gained ground on them, but knowing that undead do not need to rest we were loath to rest ourselves. We eventually set up camp, though non of us will sleep particularly well, despite a quite tasty Ankheg stew. I hope we find something good tomorrow.

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Roaka's Log, Mirtul the 16th

Rhedden Roaka