Roaka's Log, Mirtul the 6th

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Mirtul, Day 6 (1479 DR)

I’m writing this down quickly while we bandage our wounds. So much has happened this night! Wintermere has come under attack by goblins with strange markings and very un-goblin practices. They are not cowardly, but suicidal in their aim, to the point that they willingly cause themselves to explode on death!

Quickly, I will tell my tale as I remember it now. I woke in the night to the sound of the attack happening in stealth. When I discovered the attackers, I raised the alarm, and was quickly joined by the travelers from out of town. We dispatched one group of goblins easily, and moved to a second group.

The second fight was not so easy, and it was here that we learned more of our enemies. Sunsetmoon, the cleric, was gravely injured in the fight, and nearly died when a goblin exploded next to her. I managed to pat out the flames and shake her awake, but I fear my healing skills have much to be desired… her survival had more to do with luck than anything I did. Both Sunset and Ahn, the Genasi, aided us greatly by casting spells of healing, and the Sorceress Caelynna shot mighty blasts of frost and waves of fire at our foes. The dwarven paladin, Mordin, took on a group of five enemies almost single-handed, swinging his warhammer is great arcs and calling to his god to smite those near him. Truly these are powerful folk to be around. I managed to knock two of the goblins unconscious for later interrogation, but they seemed resigned to their fate, and I’m not sure how much we’ll get from them. I left them tied up while we continued onward.

Our third fight was not so difficult, mostly, I think, because we got the jump on them. Caelynna got to the rooftops by way of some elven magic, and I used my stealth skills to sneak around the sides of the buildings unseen. We took our enemies by surprise, and I managed to take out three foes before they knew I was among them! The fight is a blur to me now, but we are all standing, though bloodied and tired, and our foes are at our feet. I hear more fighting towards the front gates, and we’ll probably be off to see what new devilry has entered the town. I fear for the townsfolk. Could these goblins be here because of me? Meilikki preserve us from my past.

I’m finishing my writing for today about two hours after the above. It seems there were gnoles involved in this attack. We fought off a large group of goblins lead by a pair of gnoles at the front gate, and thanks to careful strategic planning beforehand, it wasn’t too difficult.

Caelynna and I stayed up on the roof of the inn at the beginning of the fight, pelting the enemy with arrows and magic. Ahn started the whole fight by distracting a large group of goblins and leading them on a merry chase through the town, which left a much smaller number for the rest of us to deal with. At one point in the fight, I realized that Mordin and Sunset were being overwhelmed below me, so I charged off the edge of the roof and managed to take down a gnole in a surprise attack – I was lucky enough not to trip off the edge of the roof in my mad dash!

At any rate, it was quite a fight, and we’ve just finished moving the prisoners we took earlier to the jail. Hopefully we’ll catch a few hours sleep before tomorrow!

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Roaka's Log, Mirtul the 6th

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