Sunsetmoon's Log, Mirtul the 5th

Mirtul, Day 5 (1479 DR)

Our travels find us in the small town of Wintermere which lies on the banks of a minor river that flows into the Ganath Gulf, less than a mile upriver and less than a day’s good boat-journey from the mouth of the Rauthenflow. The town subsists on fishing and agriculture, but is fortunate enough to be a minor trade stop-over for trade by road or boat, therefore the arrival of new people in town is a common occurrence. The town consists mainly of a Guild Hall, Chapel, Market area, Housing, Council House and Bank which doubles as a Gaol.

It is late afternoon when my companion Mordin Shadow and myself arrive in Wintermere. We seek out the local inn to acquire some ale and rest. There we see a Bugbear named Roaka who speaks to Mordin, who is far too busy with his ale to do more than grunt back.

Two other outsiders are here too, Ahn Asar and Caelynna. They are taking rooms in the Inn while we prepare to lodge in the chapels attached housing.

Sunsetmoon's Log, Mirtul the 5th

Rhedden Roaka