Sunsetmoon's Log, Mirtul the 6th

Mirtul, Day 6 (1479 DR)

I scrawl this quickly in the small hours of the morning, as we rest after fighting.

Earlier unusual noises from the south-east side of town awoke the great bugbear and he raised the alarm. We near the caravan’s campfire, along with the other outsiders and the bugbear and can see Goblins. Six can be counted, Tribal tattoos have been tattooed over, they have turned their back on the Goblin God. Unusual for them to be on this side of Ganath Gulf. These Goblins are different to others we have encountered, aggressive and organized. A short fight sees us victorious over the goblins.

In another part of town a building is on fire, the town goes into a state of defence.

To the west Goblin voices can be heard inside the wall and ladders can be seen to the south west. The caravans have churned up a lot of mud here. The group successfully drives more Goblins off and takes 2 unconscious ,and very heavily bound, Goblins prisoner. One of the goblins was consumed by a burst of fire on it’s death and this was almost the end of me. The great bugbear patted out the flames on my robes and brought me to consciousness, so that I might heal.

The Goblins had small black rocks strung around their necks, Roaka licks them and senses a strong blood taste.

Ahn runs around on top of the town wall, raising the alert and checking the situation while the remainder of the group rests and recovers.

A long deep thud and a bright light are seen to the north side of town. It almost knocks everyone to the ground.

Ahn and Roaka sneak toward the north, looking for the source of the noise. Caelynna teleports to a roof to gain a better view while Mordin and myself slowly and cautiously approach, but behind and between Roaka and Ahn. Amongst the smoke can be seen red coals, splintered timber and rubble which lay around a breach in the towns wall.

Defeating a number of goblins we searched the bodies and found more of the blood stones.

Tracks outside can be seen around the village heading in a southward direction.

Sunsetmoon's Log, Mirtul the 6th

Rhedden Roaka