Kat is a 18 year old Halfling Dhampyr Rogue.


I was born to two Dhampyr Halflings whose names were Nedda and Viktor. I grew up in a small shire of Halflings and made lots of friends there. Although they knew my parents were Dhampyrs, they treated them with the respect due to any normal Halfling. They also kept my family’s secret, so that any hunters who were passing by didn’t try to kill us. We lived a happy life back then.

When I was just 6 years old my home was invaded by goblins. My parents said “Run away as fast as you can! And don’t stop at any cost!” but by then, it was too late. The goblins broke into our house and killed my parents right in front of me. I was too young to understand what was happening and ran into the arms of a female goblin whose name I learned was Ijjer. She adopted me thinking I was a normal Halfling and that my parents were trying to kill me. That’s how I grew up with goblins.

When I moved into my new home, the goblins taught me how to fight immediately. They also taught me their language, which I learned pretty quickly, but still spoke common so I wouldn’t forget it. I soon learned about all the creatures they knew of. I also learned that they thought Dhampyrs were unnatural creatures that shouldn’t exist. So much for family. I was on my guard from that day on, not trusting anyone.

One day they captured a Halfling Dhampyr named Erich, and forced him to work in battle for them. I decided to talk to him and asked to see him. They replied with “Alright, but be careful. He’s in chains but he’s dangerous!” I nodded and walked in. He jerked upright as soon as I walked in. A small smile grew upon his face.
“Another Dhampyr. How interesting…how come they haven’t locked you up?” he asked.
“They don’t know what I am. I was actually here to ask you something.”
“When will my bloodlust begin?” His smile grew wider.
“How old are you?”
“16. What does it matter anyway? When will it begin?”
“It should have started on your birthday, little miss. What’s your name, anyway?”
“Last name?”
“Don’t know. My parents were killed by goblins. The goblins thought I was a normal Halfling. One of them adopted me.”
“I’m surprised they haven’t tried to eat you yet.”
“They did once. But Ijjer stoped them. Hey, if I broke you out of here, could I come with you?” His smiled widened, if that was possible.
“Of course, if you don’t mind being a cat burglar.” I thought it over in my head. Two Dhampyrs running all over town stealing gold and jewels. Beats being trapped by goblins.
“I’m in.”

After I left I grabbed some weapons: a goblin totem dagger, a normal dagger, two short swords and a bow. Luckily I’ve always had some armour, so I only had to “borrow” one set of leather armour. After I grabbed the weapons and stuffed them in a sack, all I had to do was take out the guard. That was pretty easy, seeing as I drained him of blood. I grabbed the keys as soon as he dropped to the ground, and ran to the cell where they kept Erich. I unlocked the chains and gave him the weapons and armour I’d borrowed, and we were out of there.

The problem was, as soon we stepped outside, we were surrounded by goblins. We fought them off as fast as I broke in, draining the last two of them. I snuck into Ijjer’s cave, grabbed some money and we ran for it!

As soon as we were out of town, we headed for the nearest tavern, and stayed there the night (they were a little confused when we asked for a two bed bedroom, but didn’t ask any questions) to rest. The next I started my first night of cat burglary. We managed to grab 4 bags of gold.
“That’s a good start.” Erich told me.
“Thanks, I learned from the best.” I replied.

Everyone was under the impression that we were brother and sister, and we treated each other just the same. (After all, we both had red hair!) We were known as the “Rogue Dhampyrs.”

Two years later people started to go missing. Erich and I thought we’d check it out, so we went to the part the town we were staying in at the time, where the people were going missing. Sure enough, while we were trying to steal some jewels from Madame Dorithia, we heard someone screaming. Abandoning the jewels, we headed towards the screaming, jumping from roof to roof. We weren’t expecting to see a screaming elf getting dragged away by about four zombies. Shocked or not, we tried to take them out. But zombies are undead and are harder to kill then goblins. They punched Erich across the head and dragged him away. After I finished with one more ferocious hit, I ran after him. That’s when a brick smashed on top of my head.

I woke in a field, with ropes tied to my hands and feet. That was when I saw: a Bugbear, a dwarf, a human, an eladrin, and some weird water elemental thing, fighting zombies. That’s how I met the fancy “Wintermere Arms & Magic” also known as “W.A.M.”

And they look rich, too…

Kat’s Blood Journal


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