Syska Smith

Daughter of Welurd & Misty Smith


Syska wears her dark auburn hair in a single long plait, and always wears precisely-tailored, practical clothes to ensure that she can’t catch them on anything. Syska has her mother’s manual dexterity and delicate upper body, but from her waist her body flares out to thick hips and legs inherited from her father’s family – Welurd used to refer to his daughter as `my little red pullet’, a term that Syska found both endearing & infuriating.

Having recently lost all of her worldly possessions to a Deck of Many Things, Syska’s equipment is piecemeal, scavenged from the corpses of anything Wintermere Arms & Magic come across.


Syska is the only daughter of Welurd & Misty Smith

As a girl, Syska ran away from and within a year had established herself as a talented young druid. At age 16, she returned to Wintermere to visit her family, but was dragged into a local scandal, whereby two daughters of respected families had gone missing, believed kidnapped.

Syska found that the daughters had been kidnapped by Ecazar, Lord of the WIld Hunt and his entourage, to be dragged to the Feywild and treated to all the horrors of those drawn into the thrall of the fey.

Syska confronted Ecazar in his grove, and the two brokered a deal; in return for surrendering his captives and swearing not to attack Wintermere, Syska would turn her back on her destiny to be a druid; a destiny that Ecazar predicted would not favour the Wild Hunt.

Syska returned to Wintermere with the daughters a changed young woman, her love of nature put out like a candle. Until recently Syska had no recollection of these events, the glamour sealing the pact between Ecazar and herself befuddling her natural instincts.

Instead of leading a druid’s life, Syska has spent the past 9 years becoming an accomplished smith & jeweler, mastering the smelting of many magical alloys; she has also honed her skills in combat over that time, but primarily as a means of testing the quality of her weapons and armour.

Syska Smith

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