DMs Log, Mirtul 8th through 13th, 1479DR

Mirtul 8, 1479DR

The party leaves the cube with Cilma Loreweaver, the resident priest, and Misty Smith, the town’s mage and scholar, for examination and safekeeping. Overnight Cilma keeps the cube with her and experiences dreams very similar to those the PCs had the preceding night.

Mirtul 9, 1479DR

In the morning the heroes are talking with Morann Onyxarm, the town headman, and Misty when Cilma comes rushing in. Cilma shares the dreams she had the night before. But she also explains that Chauntea has provided her with a vision this morning – that the cube is pivotal to some malevolent plan which could lay waste to the entire region and well beyond.

The elders gather and talk. While they are greatly concerned they cannot agree on a course of action. There is disagreement regarding why the town was attacked and many feel that it was a simple, though strong, raid that had nothing to do with the cube. Noone can agree on a course of action. In the end the elders ask the party if they will take the cube to someone who can tell them more about it.

The elders detail several options and the heroes decide to take it to a hermit scholar, known as Ramsay, who lives several days south and west of Wintermere.

Before leaving the town the group is presented with provisions, mounts and some equipment, including magical items. They are also provided with official warrant to wield arms and magic in the town’s name, these papers name them the party as official Defenders of Wintermere.

It is at this juncture that the group begins calling themselves Wintermere Arms & Magic (or WAM for short).

The day’s travel goes well and the group settles in for the night under the stars.

As the team slumbers several Kenku take advantage of the night to gain the element of surprise and attack them. Though caught unawares the team rouses quickly and fights the birdmen off, slaying most of them. Roaka collects their feathers and weaves them into his cloak.

Mirtul 10, 1479DR

Day breaks and the heroes continue on their journey. Passing a large caravan of Humans, Orcs and Half Orcs they continue on their way… And a short while down the road are pulled up by an adult Silver Dragon! It turns out that the caravan owners have stolen several of her eggs and are using an arcane device to prevent her from coming too close.

The party agrees to help the dragon, who is called Vallorex. The team circles ahead of the caravan and executes an well-planned ambush. The manage to take down a number of the guards and disable the device. Vallorex then swoops in and quickly destroys the rest of the caravan, rescuing her eggs.

Vallorex is very grateful, assuming human form and presenting the group with an enchanted silver whistle. She tells them to blow the whistle in their time of greatest need. Vallorex, or her mate, will come with as much urgency as they can and assist the party.

Continuing on their way our heroes reach the outskirts of Beechhaven towards dusk and stop in a Tavern. The group’s reputation has preceded them and they are surprised to find that even the great black bugbear is welcome in the bar! The proprietors do insist that he sleep in the stables at night, however.

There is some small trouble with a loudly boasting man at the bar, which Mordin deals with. A while later a barfight breaks out and our heroes join in with vigour and vim, afterwards turning in for the night.

It turns out the braggart was murdered and the watch detains most of the group, although Roaka manages to avoid this by virtue of his innate stealth.

Mirtul 11, 1479DR

It becomes clear that the watch intends to charge Mordin with murder, due to the public nature of his altercation with the deceased and the fact that the victim’s skull was bludgeoned in – the Watch allege that Mordin’s great hammer is the murder weapon.

The other members of Wintermere Arms & Magic are released on their own reconnaissance, with their promise that they shall not leave the area and on Sunsetmoon’s oath to her deity. They immediately begin searching for evidence to clear Mordin’s name. They determine that the victim’s head was caved in with a large, flat rock and eventually manage to obtain a confession from the Inn’s cook. It turns out the braggart had been making advances to a barmaid the cook was secretly in love with.

Mordin’s name cleared the group continues their journey, camping not far from Beechhaven for the night.

Mirtul 12, 1479DR

The group enjoys a good day’s journey without interruptions and camps out again for the night.

Mirtul 13, 1479DR

Our heroes finally arrive at Ramsay’s tower and discover that the hermit is… somewhat eccentric, to say the least.

Even so the old scholar does seem to be quite knowledgeable. He agrees to help the group with the cube. To do so he will need the heroes to retrieve his “magic powder” from a nearby clan of Kobolds who have stolen it.

Wintermere Arms & Magic makes short work of the creatures and returns the powder, which Ahn identifies as residuum, to the hermit.

Ramsey performs a ritual and discovers that the cube is a key to a kind of extra-dimensional vault or prison. On it’s own it cannot be activated, but when mated with a certain amulet it will activate and open a portal to the pocket dimension in question.

Furthermore the amulet is somewhere in Wintermere!

As soon as the group learns this they make a hasty return to Wintermere…

DMs Log, Mirtul 8th through 13th, 1479DR

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