Mordin_Shadow Mirtul, Day 6 (1479 DR)

Mordin Shadow Mirtul, Day 6 (1479 DR)

What a night! Just after we found our accommodations I heard unusual noises coming from what I think was the south eastern side of the town where earlier I noticed some caravans had set up camp. The Bugbear Roaka was raising an alarm so I went out to see what was going on. By the campfire light Goblins could be seen around the Caravans. Unusual for them to be so bold! Not their normal cowardly behavior more aggressive and their actions seem to have purpose. Six Goblins were quickly dispatched and we discovered their trademark tribal marks had been tattooed over. I have never encountered this before, why have they forsaken their god?
A short time later in another part of town a building is on fire, the townsfolk prepare to defend themselves. Near the fire goblin voices can be heard inside the wall and ladders can be seen to the south west. The group drives more Goblins off and takes 2 unconscious prisoners. One of the goblins burst into flames and almost Killed Sunsetmoon. The Bugbear patted out the flames revived her, I am in his debt. Roaka is very different from other’s of his kin. I will trust him for now, my experience tell me to be wary. These Goblins had small black rocks strung around their necks, Roaka licks them and senses a strong blood taste.

Ahn Asar runs scouts along the top of the town wall, raising the alert while the group recovers.

A long deep thud and a bright light are seen to the north side of town. Ahn and Roaka stealthily moved north to try and find its source. Caelynna teleported to a roof to gain a better view while Sunsetmoon and myself slowly approach, attempting not to give away our positions. Smoke, Coals and splintered timber lay around a breach in the towns wall, they have blasted a hole! The group defeated the invaders and scouted around to see what clues may help in explaining this incursion.
Sunsetmoon and I offer the town out healing and spiritual services.

Mordin_Shadow Mirtul, Day 6 (1479 DR)

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