Roaka's Log, Mirtul the 10th

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Mirtul, Day 10 (1479 DR)

We began to travel again in the morning. Around mid-day, we had to stop and get off the path to make way for a large troop of humans, orcs, and half-orcs, and their wagons. They were traveling quickly, looking furtively behind them, and we non-to friendly.

Not a mile further down the road, we were accosted by an adult silver dragon! While I know these creatures are generally noble of heart, I also know that mortals are usually beneath their notice, unless they get personally involved somehow. After so quick-talking and diplomatic explaining to Vallorex, we discovered that the band we had passed earlier had stolen some of her eggs! They were using a magic device to keep her at bay, so she could not enact a rescue herself.

We doubled back around the warband and set up an ambush and diversion. We drew off the main force to the rear, and then Ahn and I attacked the most-likely looking wagon, taking out a mage and some guards, and then knocking over a device (that looking like a bowl of lightning, if I recall correctly) that we assumed to be creating the shield, and then taking the eggs. We then got out of the area quickly while Vallorex froze the warband with her icy breath.

In return for our help, Vallorex gave us a magic whistle to summon her, that we can use if we are ever in great need. I think the others agree with me that the need required to summon a dragon would be very great indeed, so for now the whistle hangs from a cord around my neck.

The mage had some magic armor that Ahn helped me resize. Though it’s not exactly my style, it does offer more protection than the hide armor I had before.

By nightfall we made it to an inn on the outskirts of Beechhaven. Tatok the innkeeper had heard of me, or rumours of me, and allowed me to eat at the bar, though he and his wife Isja insisted I sleep in the barn, which is fine by me – I don’t imagine they have a bed large enough for me!

There was an unruly man at the bar named Shaeor, who is apparently a local arena champion. He was a braggart, and was flirting with the barmaid Alenea, but when a barfight broke out, he was nowhere to be found. Several ruffians beat up a man named Amar. We interceded on his behalf, running the bandits out.

Murder and a frame-up in the night. I was awakened by torch-light and the sound of angry voices. Will we never get a solid night’s sleep? The braggart Shaeor was murdered, and the party was arrested on suspicion. I was not, because I managed to slip out the back.

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Roaka's Log, Mirtul the 10th

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