Roaka's Log, Mirtul the 9th

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Mirtul, Day 9 (1479 DR)

A fine day for travelling! We decided to go south-west, and seek the old sage Ramsay, who is said to have a tower in the forest about half-way between Wintermere and Beechhaven. While he is also said to be mad, I take little stock in such back-handed comments… his ability as a seer is well known in these parts, and people often assume that powerful magic leads to madness. Before leaving, we thanked Moran, Alia, and the Smiths (Welurd and Misty) for their help and hospitality, and promised to return soon.

The cube is heavy in my pouch. I tasted a corner of it, and it was salty with blood. While the others scoff at how I taste everything, I find that I gain a more intimate understanding of things by experiencing then with as many senses as possible, and people so often over-look taste. Taste helps me remember.

The road is winding and rough, but the sky is clear, and we have friendly banter amongst ourselves. There are no other travelers on the road today, and we made camp in a clearing off the track.

An ambush! Small bird-like humanoids attempted to assassinate us in our sleep! Though Caelynna was on watch, they came from above, and we well trained. I had climbed a tree and made myself well hidden before going to sleep, so I was able to respond well to the attack. The others in the group roused quickly, and we dispatched them, but they either fled or were slain, so we don’t know who sent them or where they came from. As they were large crow-like beings, I used their feathers to adorn my leather cloak, the better to blend with my surroundings. We slept fitfully the rest of the night.

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Roaka's Log, Mirtul the 9th

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